Tuesday, 13 November 2012


I decided to write about this title because Stephanie is working on Granny Squares and so are half the girls in our knitting & crochet group, Looped. They just never seem to go out of fashion and this traditional favourite is explored further with 101 new motifs to add to your repertoire.

The term Granny Square is often used to mean any square crocheted unit worked in the round; these are named Motifs because they can be so many more shapes than a square, and to quote Edie Eckman, ‘…they certainly aren’t confined to Grannies!

Since crochet motifs seem to fascinate us Edie invites us not only enjoy the soothing process of stitching the same motif again and again but also joining them together – ah the dreaded joining them together step!

There are innovative, yet easy-to-follow techniques for joining and arranging these pieces into whole fabrics, we think you’ll be delighted by the possibilities.

Why not join in the fun and discover these practical projects that demonstrate some practical uses for these connection methods. Lots of fun!


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