Friday, September 20, 2013

My special Apron

I thought I had lost it!

I really thought I had lost the apron when we moved to our Hawthorn shop and warehouse three years ago. I had sent quite a few bags of my old made-up samples to the Op shop and just hoped that whoever found it would enjoy it.

Well, a tidy up of my craft room at home found it in the corner of the cupboard. So Happy.

Now it is part of our window display featuring aprons.

I didn't time how long it took to make but it would easily be 40 hours from the dyeing and painting of the big apron  to the applique and making of each little apron. Techniques included machine embroidery, painting, dyeing, applique, printing on fabric using a bubble jet printer and heirloom sewing.

All Aprons used were from the book A is for Apron 

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MadPossum said...

How wonderful to be reunited! I know the euphoria myself - my opal engagement ring (custom made from a stone my husband acquired) became somewhat large for my finger. After returning home from a shopping trip I realized it was gone. Frantic re-tracing of footsteps, ads etc were futile. Claimed on insurance and was able to somewhat replicate the item. Two years later, I was throwing out some plastic grocery bags as my 'bag bag' was too full. As I screwed them up and stuffed them into another bag, I felt something hard - my ring! It had been in that bag in the kitchen all that time. Now I have two!! Love your blog - only just found it.