Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My Easter Weekend Achievements

It was really great to set myself some targets for the weekend of things I wanted to achieve, all enjoyable of course.

I made some soap using my luxury recipe that includes 5 oils and goats milk and added some lime and lemongrass essential oils. Now I have to wait 6 weeks  for it to cure. The topping is dried lime rind.

My Candle making session was fun too and I am particularly pleased with the funny looking blue one in the middle. The holey texture was created by ice in the mold. All made with soy wax of course.

Handmade Soy Candles

The wood fired oven received a serious workout and I was able to start the fire without using too much newspaper. I am sure newspaper doesn't burn like it used to maybe it is the coloured inks.

Bread from wood fired oven
Fresh out of the oven

Half Eaten bread
10 minutes later

Spicy buns
Spicy buns. No crosses as I made them on Monday.

The garden didn't get a look in and my little Yoko Saito project is still to be started.
I did make a start on the tea cosy from Pretty Funny Tea Cosies but not much to show yet.

The only sewing I achieved was a bit of mending but my sewing/craft room got the full treatment. It is now tidy, organised and labeled so I am ready to go next weekend.I will show you some photos in a future blog.


Anna said...

You certainly had a busy weekend.

Anna said...

You had a very productive weekend.

Anonymous said...

Any hints on how to tidy up a sewing / craft room? Mine has deteriorated into a depressing storage space for unstarted and unfinished projects. M

Stephanie @ Can Do Books said...

Thank you for your comments. They have given me an idea for future blogs about organising craft spaces.